PRESS RELEASE – AIPC welcomes Wordly to its Start-Up Lab

Date: 13/04/2022


BRUSSELS (April 13th, 2022) – AIPC, the International Association of Convention Centres, is thrilled to welcome Wordly to its Start-Up Lab. Wordly provides interpretation services via artificial intelligence, providing simultaneous translation into 20 languages.

Understanding each other is always important and even more so in times of turbulence. Wordly is a Silicon Valley based technology company providing next generation AI-powered interpretation solutions, trying to address a major communication challenge: the language spoken at meetings and events is often not the preferred language for the audience – leading to lower productivity, higher costs, lack of inclusion, and reduced participation.

Human interpreters are of course a solution, but it does not address the challenge of flexibility convention centers are facing, where long term planning does not longer exist. On top, speakers and audiences are not necessarily at the same location.

Wordly seeks to solve the problem by developing the industry’s first AI-powered remote simultaneous interpretation platform – providing a fast, easy, and affordable solution for today’s global, multilingual, virtual world. The platform captures the speakers’ audio, processes it via a secure cloud infrastructure, and translates in real-time into 20+ languages. Presenters speak in their preferred language and participants read or listen in their preferred languages; using their computer, tablet, or smartphone; in-person or remote.

Founder and CEO of Wordly, Lakshman Rathnam, said, “We are honored and excited to be selected to join the AIPC Start-up Lab and work closely with their member convention centers to provide an easy to use, affordable interpretation solution to enable inclusivity. We look forward to collaborating with the AIPC community on ways to enhance our technology to meet emerging market needs.

This was complemented by Sven Bossu, CEO of AIPC. “Including a solution like Wordly’s into a convention center value proposition allows venues to bring service to the next level, especially given its ability to deal with the multichannel reality of organized events in 2022”.

The AIPC Start-Up Lab creates a platform for interaction between the global AIPC community of convention centers and start-up companies offering cutting-edge solutions for the next generation of organized events.

Start-up companies interested in joining the AIPC Start-Up Lab can do so by contacting the AIPC Secretariat via


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