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The AIPC Start-Up Lab has the ambition to be a bridge between those two worlds by providing a very limited number of start-ups the possibility to showcase their solutions in an interactive way to a global audience of convention centers. The goal is indeed to create a kind of incubator, allowing to test new products and services in a collaborative way.

Companies who want to become part of the Start-Up Lab will go through a clear selection process – overseen by the Board of Directors – focusing on the potential value the proposed solutions can provide to convention centers and their customers.  This also means that the scope is not limited to solutions for digital events – it is really about the value created, whether it concerns catering, security, operations or any other aspect related to managing convention centers.

Start-up companies interested in joining the AIPC Start-Up Lab can do so by contacting the AIPC Secretariat via Watch our product showcase here.



Wordly provides AI-powered interpretation solutions. The Wordly platform provides real-time, simultaneous translation without the use of human interpreters – making it faster, easier, and affordable to collaborate across multiple languages, thereby making multilingual meetings and events productive, engaging, and inclusive. Wordly is used by over 500 businesses, associations, organizations, and government entities around the world across many domains. For more information, visit

Watch our product showcase.

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