Quality standards

The AIPC Quality Standards Program was developed in response to ongoing interest by members in having an industry-specific program for identifying and evaluating key areas of convention centre performance, leading to a visible and accepted form of recognition. At the same time, there was a requirement for a professional “arms-length” audit process in order to ensure the credibility of results.

The resulting AIPC Quality Standards Program has a number of key features, including:

It is process-oriented rather than prescriptive, which means it can adapt to a wide range of centre approaches to facility management and venue types
It can be applied to a wide variety of facility types, ages and configurations
It documents centre policies and procedures in 10 key management areas that together cover all key areas of operation and interface
An external audit process is available that results in a recognized certification
It creates a high level of staff engagement and produces an enviable credential for centre credibility and demonstrating good management processes to the venue owner and community.

The standards address 10 key areas, including Customer Service, Quality of Facilities and Operations, Employee Relations, Health, Safety, Security and Emergency Response, Financial Integrity, Community Relations, Environmental Responsibility, Industry Relations and Supplier Relations.

The audit process consists of a procedure wherein centres assemble and submit documentation as to how they are addressing each area and what measures they have in place to gauge success.

Once a centre has successfully completed the audit, they will be able to use the “AIPC Quality Standards Audited” logo and designation in their promotional and client materials.

Complete details of the qualification and re-qualification procedures, along with necessary instructions, can be obtained via secretariat@aipc.org.

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