AIPC Business partners

Why become an AIPC Business Partner?

By becoming an AIPC Business Partner, you obtain access to a global network of 200 venues in 60 countries and you will be able to share your knowledge, demonstrate your thought leadership and showcase your products and services.

AIPC collaborates closely with a select group of Business Partners.

The collaboration with the AIPC Business Partners allows to:

Stimulate the exchange of knowledge between the Business Partners and AIPC Members on specific areas such as technology, infrastructure, design or market research

Leverage the know-how of the Business Partners when developing educational or research programmes for our members

Create partnerships between the Business Partners and the AIPC Community in pursuing the collective goal of management excellence.

These objectives are achieved via unique networking opportunities, participation to the educational programme and a continuous exchange of information via different channels. As a result, the AIPC Business Partners are an integral part of AIPC’s successful association programme.

interested in becoming an AIPC Business Partner ?

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