AIPC Apex Award

The AIPC Apex Award is made biennial in recognition of the highest client rating received by a convention centre on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of centre performance based on customer satisfaction surveys. An independent "blind" evaluation process carried out by Ipsos, a recognized international market research company, ensures an objective analysis of the data which addresses a series of factors including centre facilities, project management capabilities, catering and technical capacity.

The AIPC Apex Award is a central part of AIPC’s mission to encourage and recognize excellence in congress centre management and operation. At the same time, it emphasizes the importance of our customer’s opinions, since the evaluation is based entirely on client ratings of each participating facility. The AIPC Apex Award winner thus has not only the recognition of their peers but the satisfaction of knowing that they have earned the respect of their own customers. It is also a valuable learning exercise for AIPC members, since every entrant receives a copy of their evaluation form which they can use to identify any areas of weakness and improve their overall performance.

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Unfortunately the critical mass of a minimum 30 participating centers is not reached therefore the award will not take place. 

List AIPC Apex award winners:

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