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AIPC Innovation Award

The AIPC Innovation Award reflects AIPC’s mission of “Encouraging and recognizing excellence in convention centre management”. It is made for projects or initiatives that represent “innovation” in the true sense of the word; that is, the development of a new, more creative or more effective approach to any aspect of convention centre management, operations or marketing.

Designed to showcase and recognize innovations and creative thinking in all areas of centre management, marketing and operations, in a time when everyone is exploring new options, it’s a great source of both ideas and recognition for centre achievements.

There are three elements to the Award: first, the actual competition in which the overall Innovation Award Winner will be identified by a panel of judges, secondly the Delegates Choice Award will be identified by  member colleagues and third, the Innovation Award Poster and Pecha Kucha Program at the Annual Conference.

The emphasis in judging applicants for the AIPC Innovation Award is on how effectively the innovation addresses its stated objectives, which may be to improve efficiency, increase marketability, effect cost savings, achieve environmental goals or improve market position. The evaluation criteria that will guide the panel of judges are outlined under the Innovation Award Evaluation Criteria.

All AIPC members in good standing are eligible to compete in the Innovation Award, and there are no limitations on the type of operations and / or market served in determining eligibility.

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