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About Future Shapers

Welcome to the AIPC Future Shapers programme. This unique, international programme is tailored for our developing leaders who are ready to shape the industry around the globe.

  1. The goal of the Future Shapers programme is threefold:
    Provide a tailor made executive management programme to upcoming convention center leaders
  2. Provide the AIPC members with a platform to retain/foster talent within their organisation
  3. Create value for the AIPC community by coming up with two business cases for concepts which have the potential to change / enhance the way convention centres are led while providing a platform for participants to develop long lasting connections with senior leaders across the globe and be apart of an Alumni program post-graduation

The programme has three components:

  1. Masterclasses: a series of 7 expert led masterclasses
  2. Industry challenge: working with your group, you will collectively identify an industry challenge, create a proposed solution, and develop a business case for investment which will be detailed in a white paper, written by the group, which will be published to the AIPC community
  3. Challenge presentation: working with your group you will prepare a 20 minute presentation to be presented at the AIPC Annual Conference in San José, Costa Rica which will take place on 1st and 2nd July 2024.


(blue = lectures, red = project management, green = coaching & mentoring, orange = networking)

1 – 2 July 2024
Participation in the AIPC Annual Conference where you and your group will present your future challenge and proposed solution. Note that you will be requested to be onsite on 30 June for full day rehearsals.

Candidate Selection Process
The Future Shapers programme is open to persons working at an AIPC member Convention centre. Following criteria is required:

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in the event industry (not limited to convention centres)
  • Endorsement by her/his executive manager
  • Commitment by the management to:
    • Allow for sufficient time to follow and contribute to the programme
    • Fund participation to the 2024 Annual Conference taking place in Costa Rica (1-3 July 2024)

Candidates will submit the following documents:

  • A resume
  • A motivational letter outlining why they would like to participate in the programme
  • An endorsement letter signed by an executive manager
  • A video explaining what the participant sees as the challenge in convention centre management she/he would like to work on and why (without therefore providing a solution)
  • An overview of her/his top 3 skills

Four members of the Task Force will each score a set of candidatures using a scoring sheet, with Sven Bossu in charge of setting up the scoring sheet, compiling the scoring and ensuring consistency.

The scoring and proposed selection will be provided to the Board Sponsor for final validation.

Idea Selection

The top two ideas will be selected during a “pitching” presentation, whereby each candidate has 3 minutes to present her/his idea to fellow participants.

At the end of the session, all participants and the Task Force members of AIPC members which do not participate in the programme will be able to select their top 3 ideas using SLIDO, resulting into an overall ranking. Participants will not be allowed to vote for their own idea.

Selection winning team
The winning team will be selected based on two scorings:

  • The Business Case
  • The Presentation

The Business Case scoring will be done by a jury of 5 persons: 1 member of the Board, 2 venue CEOs and 2 business partner CEOs. The scoring criteria (which all have the same weight) are:

  • Level of innovation
  • Business description
  • Market analysis
  • Product analysis
  • Financial analysis

The Presentation scoring will be given by the vote of the AIPC AC 2024 participants.

AIPC Future Shapers Task Force

1631812856547 (1)

Dawn Lauder

Head of Sales, Scottish Event Campus

Genevieve Lim

Director of MICE Management, Marina Bay Sands

Samantha Glass

Director of Corporate Affairs & Communication, ICC Sydney
Stephanie Martin

Stephanie Martin

Head of Sales, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)

Sven Bossu


AIPC Future Shapers Succesful Candidates

Ali Toorani

Ali Toorani

Event Manager, Exhibition World Bahrain
Arwa Al Rasbi

Arwa Ali Al Rasbi

Senior Events Operations, Oman Convention Center
Headshot - Chao WANG

Chao Wang

International Business Development Manager, VIPARIS
Ciara Davidson Headshot (1)

Ciara Davidson

Head of Governance and Stakeholder Engagement Company Secretary, ICC Belfast
Northern Ireland
ICC Staff portraits.

Gabriella Alberici

Senior Manager, Business Development Corp, Government & Events, ICC Sydney

Kwok Wai Kay

Deputy Director of Operations, KLCC
Building Manager

Manon Jongejan

Building Manager, World Forum The Hague
The Netherlands

Rózsa Szilágyi

Project Manager, HUNGEXPO
Tiffany Chung_Headshot

Tiffany Chung

Deputy Director of Sales, KLCC
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