Kotobuki Seating Co., Ltd. Incorporates K+ Seating

Date: 24/09/2020


Kotobuki Seating Co., Ltd. Incorporates K+ Seating

The new subsidiary will represent a diverse group of design, engineering and manufacturing experts dedicated to offering the best seating solutions for venues around the world

NEW YORK, September 15, 2020—Kotobuki Seating Co. has announced the incorporation of a new subsidiary company, Kotobuki Seating Espana (operating as K+ Seating) headquartered near Barcelona, Spain. K+ Seating is “The one stop shop” that will introduce Kotobuki Seating’s various products to clients around the world. In parallel, Kotobuki Seating International, which is located in New York City and Kalamazoo, Michigan, is operating business as K+ Spaces, representing and supporting Kotobuki Seating’s large portfolio of brands offered in the United States and  across the American Continent.  Both are focused on leading sustainable design and solutions to better the seating experiences in the top venues around the world.

The Kotobuki Seating Co. group portfolio includes: Kotobuki Seating and its sales subsidiaries in Asia, Kotobuki SEA; Audience Systems; Ferco Seating; Interkal; Quinette Gallay Renaissance; and more.

“Kotobuki Seating and its group companies are collectively the strongest force of engineers and designers who help create premier venue seating experiences around the world. Our mission is to be the pioneer in creating safe, functional, design-centric and sustainable solutions for multipurpose spaces and venues,” says Shigeyuki Fukasawa, Chairman of Kotobuki Seating Co.

“By creating K+ Seating, we’re offering the most skilled and passionate craftsmen and engineers to work with architects, designers, and other industry decision makers, across the globe by designing high quality products and inspirations to new and prospective clients.” Says Tim Barr , President of K+ Seating.

“We are thrilled to unveil K+ Seating and begin operations in order to better serve the architecture and design community and fulfil the needs of venue operators and owners,” says Roberto Lendaro who is Vice President  of K+ Seating.

For more information about K+ Seating, K+ Spaces, and its entire portfolio of seating brands, please visit:  https://www.kotobuki-seating.co.jp/en/global_brand/

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