Wordly Hits Significant Milestone with One Million Users of AI-Powered Translation at Global Meetings and Events

Date: 09/05/2022


Wordly Interpretation Platform Brings Greater Inclusivity and Engagement to Participants of Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Meetings Worldwide

LOS ALTOS, Calif.April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wordly, the leading SaaS provider of AI-powered simultaneous interpretation services, today announced a notable adoption achievement of its real-time translation platform with one million global meeting, event, and conference attendees using the service. This milestone comes on the heels of a record breaking 2021, where the company grew its business by 10x, introduced multiple platform enhancements and expanded key technology partnerships.

Launched in 2019, the Wordly interpretation platform provides real-time translation for over 500 customers in a variety of industries including technology, professional services, healthcare, manufacturing, media, non-profit, and government with multilingual interpretation services. The company has powered over 80 million minutes of translation in more than 30,000 sessions for participants across a wide range of conferences, webinars, meetings and training sessions.

“For years organizations and event organizers have struggled with attendee engagement outside of their native language,” said Lakshman Rathnam, Founder and CEO of Wordly. “We founded Wordly to increase inclusivity for all participants regardless of location or language, and to encourage engagement. Our AI-powered interpretation solution makes it possible for any organization to be more inclusive with their employees, members and citizens without the high cost of human interpreters. As these numbers show, Wordly uniquely provides massively-scalable, always-available interpretation into many languages simultaneously. Hitting one million attendees is a huge achievement for the company and we look forward to continuing our rapid growth.”

In addition to hitting one million attendees, Wordly has achieved several key corporate milestones including:

  • Achieved a record quarter in Q1 2022, with a 66% increase in bookings compared to Q4 2021. The company is projected to grow 200% in fiscal 2022.
  • Selected to join the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC) Start-Up Lab. The Lab creates a platform for interaction between the global AIPC community of convention centers and start-up companies offering cutting-edge solutions for the next generation of organized events.
  • Won the prestigious PCMA CL 22 Award in January 2022 for Best Event Solution.
  • Choose to provide interpretation into 20+ languages for several major events, including Meeting Professionals International World Education Congress (MPI WEC), IMEX Americas, and Professional Convention Managers Association Convening Leaders (PCMA).
  • Expanded executive team with the appointment of Dave Deasy to chief marketing officer (CMO). Deasy is responsible for building the company’s global global brand and go-to-market strategy.

Supporting Quotes

“Wordly has dismantled the language barrier that prevented international attendees from experiencing equitable education and networking events across regions and borders. Wordly enables people to participate in their native languages across a wide range of conferences and training.” – Jessie States, Vice President, MPI Academy

“Wordly has helped Autodesk provide a more inclusive and productive collaboration experience for thousands of employees and channel partners worldwide by enabling them to participate in meetings in the language of their choice.” – Konstanze Willbold, Program Manager, Autodesk

About Wordly
Wordly provides next-generation AI-powered interpretation solutions. The Wordly platform provides remote, real-time, simultaneous interpretation without the use of human interpreters – making it faster, easier, and more affordable to collaborate across multiple languages at once and make meetings and events more inclusive. Wordly empowers organizations to unlock the potential of their multilingual teams and global markets by removing language barriers via a proprietary AI-powered interpretation engine. Wordly is used by hundreds of businesses, associations, organizations, and government entities around the world across many domains. For more information, visit www.wordly.ai.

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