The Future of Events is Hybrid

Date: 25/05/2022


Organizing a hybrid event for the first time might seem daunting and downright overwhelming. But we’re here to tell you it isn’t. 

Whether you’re planning a one-day summit, a huge tradeshow, or a multi-day conference, a digital 3D platform lets you connect and energize your attendees with immersive hybrid event experiences. And if you’re thinking: “That sounds like a solid upgrade from the Zoom and Teams era and the next business adventure for the event and meeting industry”, that is correct. 

Melissa Park, founder and CEO of an award-winning global New York-based event company, mentions that one of the major benefits of a hybrid event is that you can expand your reach at no additional costs, and access those who otherwise could not attend. According to her, hybrid is the perfect solution when it comes to meetings and events – even in a post-pandemic landscape. 

Companies around the world are finding hybrid events – which include both an in-person and online component – more enjoyable and convenient than ever, and so are audiences and event organizers. The advantages of switching to hybrid are endless, and a new global study by Kaltura (2021) reveals there are four main reasons these events will increase in the future. They: 

  1. are more convenient
  2. are more enjoyable
  3. are less expensive
  4. provide more engaging content than in-person events alone

At Virtual Hive, we echo the sentiment that hybrid events provide more engaging content than in-person events alone. In fact, we are firm believers that hybrid events offer endless possibilities.  Aside from encouraging new ways of audience participation, such as the use of live chats, Q&As and polls, they add tremendous value in terms of real-time data on visitors, user journeys, interactions, and much more. 

Focusing on creating immersive and memorable hybrid experiences, Virtual Hive aim to overcome common challenges faced by hybrid event organizers. We’re a leading digital meeting platform that specialize in creating hybrid events such as conferences, workshops, tradeshows, and fairs. We can help event organizers take their physical event hybrid in the blink of an eye, and our virtual 3D event platform is intuitive, user-friendly, and requires no installation. 

With over two decades of experience, we make hybrid event planning and implementation refreshingly quick and easy, without compromising quality nor the unique vision of each organization. We pride ourselves in prioritizing experience above anything else, and our highly customizable 3D platform enables event organizers to curate a hybrid solution that aligns with their brand and vision, and that mirrors an in-person event as much as possible. 

To help event organizers set up their hybrid events, Virtual Hive provide online training and onboarding support to iron out any wrinkles in your event planning. Upon request, we can also lend a hand in facilitating the event as it takes place and producing pre-recorded or live content. In addition, our team of hybrid event consultants will happily meet and help define the new business adventure for the convention centers of AIPC. 

We are proud to be partnering with Bella Center in Copenhagen and collaborate with Bella Center’s diverse clients on how to upgrade their in-person event to a hybrid success story. 

Besides partnering with several venues across Europe, we also deliver our platform to global industry-leading clients such as Carlsberg, Novo Nordisk, and VELUX. From growing businesses to helping the environment, or simply bringing people together for an enjoyable time, we are equipped to meet any hybrid goal set by event organizers. 

Upon first glance, hybrid event planning can seem complicated. Therefore, at Virtual Hive, we aim to break the process down into manageable steps organizers can take to host their event successfully, whether it is a hybrid conference, fair, tradeshow, summit, or meeting.  

Welcome to the future. 

Learn more about how Virtual Hive can help you reach your hybrid event goals at 

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