Skyfold delivers new projects in Las Vegas and Zurich

Date: 28/01/2021


Skyfold Inc. is the acoustic leader in vertically folding retractable walls.

Skyfold walls are more than just space dividers: they are innovative, custom, fully automated, and premium multipurpose space management solutions. The easy-to-use, self-retracting system and vertical motion of the operable wall give users the flexibility to quickly divide or expand spaces. When deployed, Skyfold becomes a two-sided, rigid wall and acoustic barrier with acoustic ratings of up to STC 60 (RW 59) and NRC/SAC of up to 0.65. When not in use, the Skyfold wall disappears into the ceiling, thereby maximize floor space.

With operable walls that go up to 36 ft. (11m) and that are unlimited in width, Skyfold provides high acoustic and automated flexible space solutions for your conference and meeting spaces. A multi-wall acoustic configuration gives you the opportunity to generate even more revenue as events can occur simultaneously without disruption. Innovative design options to intersect Skyfold walls at 90°, T- and L-angles, the floor plan configurations are endless. All Skyfold walls vertically fold to store in a ceiling pocket, further allowing you to maximize floor space and revenue by freeing standing space that would have otherwise been occupied by a closet to store traditional movable walls.

A convention center’s schedule can be packed with one event after another. Long turnover periods between events is a booking opportunity missed. Skyfold’s automated system allows for a faster set-up and take-down, thereby liberating time slots in your convention center’s calendar and offering a more efficient customer service for your exhibitors. Minimal maintenance and very low labor requirements give you a high ROI and increased savings over long term operating costs.

Recent installations include the Las Vegas Convention Center and The Circle at Zurich Airport.

  • The Las Vegas Convention Center is one of the largest convention centers in the world and is undergoing a large expansion project that includes 13 Skyfold walls. The expansion is intended to increase the center’s meeting spaces and improve the building’s overall design with the latest technology.
  • The Circle at Zurich Airport will boast restaurants, bars, stores, and a convention center that can hold conferences for up to 2,500 guests, with accommodation being offered by two Hyatt hotels. Here, they are utilizing 2 large Skyfold walls to allow for simultaneous and separate conferences. Photo provided by Flughafen Zürich AG.

With the all-electric Skyfold system, all you need is to push a button to deploy or retract the Skyfold wall. What used to take hours of manual labor with traditional operable partitions can now be achieved in minutes and with fewer people, saving you both time and labor.

When designing high-performing flexible convention centers, think vertical—think Skyfold.

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