Sales & Marketing Summit 2023 – call for topics

Date: 23/01/2023


Sales & Marketing Summit 2023 – call for topics

At the 2022 edition of the AIPC Sales & Marketing Summit, we had 50 participants from venues across the globe to discuss the global outlook, business development strategies, sustainability, the role of destination marketing, etc. The feedback received was very positive and we want to make sure we continue to meet the needs of our members, especially when it concerns the content of the summit, which is a critical success factor.

That is why we ask you to send us the 3 topics you believe must be touched upon before January 31st to This will ensure a perfect match and a great experience.

Feedback received from last year’s edition also hinted to the need to “learn more from each other”. That is why we will keep the lectures relatively short, ensuring sufficient time for discussion and for the creation of “calls for action” which can be taken back by the participants to their respective organizations.

The final programme will be published in the week of February 6th and registration will be opened the same week.


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