Sabine Deconinck shares her insights on the future of food at AIPC conference

Date: 25/04/2023


The Future of Food is an important topic that should not be overlooked in the world of conferences and conventions. This year’s AIPC annual conference in Luxemburg is proud to present Sabine Deconinck, a seasoned professional in the hospitality and event industry. Sabine’s session, titled “The Future of Food”, will focus on the implementation of a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to catering and culinary experiences.

Sabine’s experience in the airline business and with companies such as Sodexo and Lunch Garden, combined with her passion for animals and nature, led her to her current role as the Operational Director of Event and Food Services at the Royal ZOO Society Antwerp. Her team player spirit and smart strategic decisions have led to many realizations throughout the years, including the development of a concept for self-service restaurants that improved the quality, comfort, and experience for visitors.

Sabine’s presentation will showcase the Flanders Meeting & Convention Centers’ unique philosophy on food, which focuses on minimizing the impact on the planet while still offering great culinary experiences. This thought-provoking case study will give attendees the opportunity to learn about practical solutions to make events and conventions more sustainable, starting with the food that is served.

As a skilled leader, Sabine strives to let her team shine and create space for them to develop and showcase their skills. This session will be an excellent opportunity for attendees to hear from a leader who has successfully implemented sustainable practices in the event industry.

Don’t miss the chance to learn about the Future of Food and the importance of sustainability in the event industry.

Join Sabine’s session at the AIPC annual conference on 16 to 19 July 2023 in Luxemburg.

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