Palais des Congrès de Paris, France 

Date: 18/03/2024



Quinette’s enthusiasm for its products can be described as “being kind to the users of our seats in the long run”. Our efforts in the search for sustainable seating safety and comfort are ongoing, always with respect for the environment in mind. 

The evolution of seating is visible not only in its functional forms but also in the improvement of environmental considerations, in the improved use of space and in the development of Universal Design (UD). We are proud that UD has been Quinette’s constant quest throughout its long history, with tangible results. 

Our concepts of “universal design”, “green” and “long life” of products are the basis for the creation of our products and they continue to evolve. 

One of our company’s top priorities is to ensure that our facilities and equipment are always in perfect condition. To achieve this, we have a team of professionals who maintain and care for them. 

Like everything else that moves, like our seats and platforms, they need to be clean, lubricated, and well-balanced, in order to maintain a long-life cycle and help preserve the planet. 

Ultimately, the best reward is that customers who bought from us the first time, trust us with their renovation projects. 

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