Net Zero Carbon Events initiative (NZCE)

Date: 22/03/2023


Request for lessons learned/best practices

The Net Zero Carbon Events initiative was officially launched during COP26 in Glasgow, when presenting the industry pledge to become carbon zero by 2050. In November 2022, the NZCE Roadmap was officially presented at COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh. The Roadmap sets out a common framework for stakeholders to make their net zero journey together.

As a logical next step, 8 workstreams were launched to translate the roadmap into a set of best practices, reporting standards and other resources to be used by the different stakeholders in their journey towards carbon zero.

AIPC is leading the workstream on venue energy. The objective is double:

  • Define a reporting standard & implement a reporting platform, allowing to demonstrate progress in an efficient & effective way
  • Provide the community of convention centers with a set of resources which can be used when analyzing/implementing energy savings or switching to renewable energy (via the grid or on site).

Given the diversity of venues and the realities they faces when it comes to energy, we want to collect as many lessons learned and best practices as possible. If your venue has started its journey and you want to share your lessons learned, please contact us via

Documentation on the NZCE can be found here.

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