Momentus Technologies Streamlines Operations for Royal Jaarbeurs Across Global Venues

Date: 18/06/2024


Royal Jaarbeurs, one of the most renowned event and venue organizers in Europe, has been bringing people together at events and conferences for more than 100 years – at more than 8,600 annual events, trade shows, conferences and other meetings.  

Though event formats have evolved, Jaarbeurs maintains its core aim: fostering connections and driving growth. The company serves over 2.5 million customers annually; thus, efficiency across operations is paramount. With venues globally and headquarters in Europe and Asia, Jaarbeurs sought a unified solution to enhance visibility and streamline operations for staff across various functions. 

But bringing together financial, operational and CRM programs from different venues and events under one roof to improve collaboration and information sharing across departments is no easy task. Jaarbeurs’ existing infrastructure was composed of several disparate systems working in silos across their various venues and international headquarters.  

This separation created operational bottlenecks across the organization – which in turn hindered efficiency and kept the company from being as fully customer-centric as possible. Jaarbeurs wanted to fix this problem in a seamless manner without impacting current operations, which required a turnkey solution that could provide quick time-to-value (TTV).  

Momentus fit the bill with cohesive visibility across organizations and streamlined financial operations. It also eliminates manual processes and simplifies payment and invoicing, which frees up staff to focus on customer success.  

“We needed a best-in-class solution that could address all top-line business objectives – streamlining operations, improving delivery, improving the efficiency of our financial program, and optimizing our online customer journey, which was spread across several disparate systems,” said Mark Velder, IT Project Manager with Jaarbeurs. “Momentus Technologies was the only provider that checked all our boxes. [They] helped us achieve several of our target KPIs and now nearly 90% of our stack organization-wide is Momentus Technologies.”  

Jaarbeurs first integrated the Momentus platform’s exhibitions and venue module, then added the financial module later. Today, Jaarbeurs uses nearly the full suite of offerings. These are all easily integrated with the company’s existing technologies, including Jaarbeurs’ parking solution, which allows customers to book parking spots at various venues ahead of the event.  

Once Momentus was integrated across Jaarbeurs’ network, the unified platform delivered greater visibility and fostered improved collaboration across business functions in a simple to use and operate platform. Ordering, billing and invoices are now integrated into one cohesive system across its coalition of venues. 

Since March 2022, Jaarbeurs achieved 4-5% of its yearly revenue with almost 6,000 transactions paid directly without a dunning process. Jaarbeurs also reduced overhead costs by simplifying its tech stack, thus replacing more than 20 separate operations/financial solutions with Momentus and bolstering overall ROI.  

By providing a unified platform that streamlines operations, enhances collaboration, and optimizes financial processes, Momentus empowers organizations to achieve their top-line business objectives efficiently. With Momentus, convention centers and exhibition halls like Jaarbeurs are elevating performance, driving growth and thriving in a dynamic and competitive industry.


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