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Via Giacomo Mattè Trucco, 70
10126 Torino - Italy


+39 011 66 44 111

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Simona Sandrini


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This bright and flexible venue can accommodate any type of meeting, show, live concert or sport event up to 13,000 people. It can be used separately or connected to 3 exhibition halls of Lingotto Fiere. The overall area covers over 100,000 sqm in the heart of Lingotto District providing shopping, restaurant and art experience, close to the historical city centre.

Designed for Winter Olympics 2006 to host speed-skating events, the venue has become a city landmark, together with the revolutionary FIAT race track next door. 20,000 sqm of pillarless steel and glass structure with water and electrical supply grid every 8m, multiple entrances and experienced event staff will provide a variety of options for a successful event.

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Turin Airport

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