Join us at the 2023 AIPC South-America Summit: Uniting Convention Center Leaders for Growth and Excellence!

Date: 30/05/2023


The 2023 AIPC South-America summit – taking place in Costa Rica on October 3rd – combines the best of AIPC’s global summits on Sales & Marketing and Operations & Facility. Its goal is to bring together the South American community of convention center leaders to connect, share and learn.

The programme will cover all the key challenges convention center executives are facing: rapidly evolving technology, a changing market landscape, the increased importance of sustainability and much more. Format wise, the summit will be a combination of lectures by global thought leaders and workshops, allowing to share best practices and resulting in take-aways which can be applied instantly.

It is AIPC’s mission to encourage, support and recognize excellence when it comes to convention center management and this is exactly what the South-America summit is about. By bringing together global and local experts and thought leaders, we create the perfect platform to exchange knowhow, allowing to grow both the local and global community of convention centers.

Registration will open soon!

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