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Attracting talent to the business events industry has gained significant attention due to widespread staff shortages and the need for diverse skill levels. Media reports and surveys emphasize the importance of attracting and retaining talent, collaborating with the educational sector, and increasing the industry's visibility.

Despite the presence of many industry associations, there is no central hub connecting these communities for collaboration and knowledge exchange on talent cultivation and industry awareness. AIPC proposes the establishment of FutureForce, a central hub designed to unify the business events industry, enhancing talent attraction and retention. FutureForce will provide connectivity and a unified voice, addressing the industry's most crucial asset – its people.

FutureForce will be implemented in phases, demonstrating its necessity and positive impact on AIPC members, the broader industry, and the future workforce. By adopting this platform, the business events industry will inspire the next generation of professionals and strengthen its overall framework.


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