Future Shapers programme – Ready to kick-off

Date: 08/09/2021


AIPC’s new talent programme – Future Shapers – was officially launched during the AIPC Annual Conference mid-July and the response has been impressive.  In total we received 19 applications from across the globe! These were all carefully reviewed by the full Task Force, leading to the selection of 15 candidates (see below) which have been informed of the successful outcome.

Thank you to everyone who put forward a candidate, it was a competitive process for what will be a rewarding program and we hope that those that didn’t make it through will apply again after another 12 months of experience in their roles.

Now it’s kick off time.  Candidates will meet in a welcome session 15 September followed by a 12 months programme of lectures, group assignments, networking opportunities and mentoring.

The full lecture programme can be found on the AIPC website, but we take the opportunity here to present the first three speakers.

The first lecture will be by Cathy O’Dowd, who you will remember as the keynote speaker at the Annual Conference. Cathy was the first woman to climb Mount Everest from both the North and South sides and will share her insights into leadership for high achievers.

This will be followed by an interactive workshop with Andy Green, who will guide the candidates in the creation of their Personal Purpose Manifesto: a declaration of what you want in life. It helps you prioritize what’s important to you and what you want to achieve. Think of it as the ultimate bucket list. In addition to the workshop, Andy will also have one-to-one sessions with all the candidates.

Sandy Kennedy, another star of the conference, will spends his career building young people into the leaders of tomorrow will talk to the team about their personal journey with leadership.

In parallel, the candidates will be “linked” with their mentors. Leaders from convention centers will act as experienced and trusted advisors for the candidates throughout the duration of the programme.

All this will result in the group assignments, or team challenge, later this year, whereby teams will come up addressing the key challenges faced by our industry.

It is a truly exiting and unique programme the group is embarking on, and we definitely do not underestimate the effort required. The candidates should have received their welcome packs by now, ready to share a coffee with their new global peers.

Sven Bossu, CEO of AIPC

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