Future Shapers – entering the next phase.

Date: 13/02/2023


Complaining about the difficulties we face in our (professional) life is something we all do, and it does not take too much effort. Articulating ideas which address these challenges and doing so in a compelling and convincing way is a different matter altogether. And this is exactly what the 13 participants of AIPC’s Future Shapers programme did: each one came up with an idea that could change the way how convention centers are managed or how they deliver products and services to their customers.

As part of the Future Shapers programme, the participants are asked to come up with an idea, which in their view could (re-)shape the future of convention centers. Not only do they need to explain the concept they have in mind, they also need to articulate the value it will bring and do a high level impact estimate in terms of time and budget. Similar to the previous edition of the programme, the entire Future Shapers Task Force – which coordinates and supports the programme – was surprised (amazed might be a better word) by the quality and level of innovation of the ideas put forward.

While the ideas touched upon very different areas – from sustainability to catering and technology – they all had one common denominator: to drastically improve the value offered to customers by convention centers. It clearly demonstrates what this industry is really about: providing the best possible experience.

Two brilliant ideas have received the most votes to be taken through, which is about transforming the concept into a business proposal to be presented by these talents at the 2023 AIPC Annual Conference in Luxembourg. We will not disclose too much just yet, but think of Augmented Reality and addressing some of the very real talent and resourcing challenges we still face today.

Finally as a teaser from last years ideas – you might want to know that both concepts of the previous edition have been/are being transformed into real products, which will make a tremendous difference for convention center management. So watch this space!

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