Eilon Engineering: Ron StageMaster Load Monitoring Systems: Increasing Safety and Revenues in Convention Centers  

Date: 25/05/2022


Today’s exhibitions and live concerts are experiencing an ever increasing level of complexity. Riggers are required to fly heavier and more numerous pieces of equipment commonly over the heads of exhibitors, visitors, spectators and performers. 

Even when the weight of each item hung from the rigging is known, the challenge of achieving even load distribution remains. Due to a phenomena in physics called “indeterminate structures”, the load distribution of a suspended structure with more than 2 hanging points is effectively unknown and incalculable.  

Consequently, there is potential for dangerous overloads even on structures that appear visually balanced as some points carry greater loads than others. Due to the incalculable nature of the load distribution on an indeterminate structure, instruments must be used to measure actual loads and ensure even distribution. 

With 46 years of proven technology and customers like NASA, Boeing, Las Vegas Convention Center, Nuremberg Messe, Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Center and many others worldwide, Eilon Engineering’s Ron StageMaster Load Monitoring system provides an accurate and cost effective safety system that continuously monitors the suspended loads and presentas all loads as a real time load map.  

The system detects any overload, the second it starts to develop, and thus the rigger can better balance the loads and prevent a potential accident, protecting lives, expensive equipment and the venue’s infrastructure.  

In addition to being an important safety system, the system also increases efficiency, revenues and can provide new business opportunities: 
The additional cash flow thanks to the additional rental fee on each load monitored hanging point is approximately a million Euro per year (for a system with 400 load cells), with fast return on investment.
This is not the only financial advantage, since reducing the potential risk for accidents is a good reason for reduction in the insurance premiums.
On top of all that, monitoring the loads increases efficiency as it shortens the time between one show and the other. 
Moreover, monitoring the loads enables the safe hosting of larger and heavier shows, including live concerts which represents a potential business development and additional activities and revenues. 

Testimonial of Mr. Udo Oerther, Nuremberg Messe / SAG (In 2015 bought 400 of our load cells):  

“Accurate load monitoring instead of estimations: Apart from greater safety, this also provides certainty as to the forces that can be applied to the roof constructions and to the possibly existing reserves. Thus, new fair stands can be achieved, the likes of which have never been known before.” 

“With the new load monitoring system, we developed further, and we improved our service on the fair premises. Numerous customers are glad to be offered the possibility of load monitoring and thus to be able to coordinate work runs in a better, simpler and first and foremost safer manner.” 

“We are using the system not only for the daily routine at trade shows but also for touring and theatre work have been simplified in many respects.” 

“With the new load monitoring system, we have taken an important step into the future, so as to simplify service work and to advance even further the site of the Nuremberg Fair Trade.”  


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