Durban ICC Achieves AIPC Quality Standards Certification

Date: 29/05/2024


Durban ICC has proudly achieved AIPC Quality Standards certification at the Gold level, following a successful audit this month by our designated external auditor, Rick Knowlan. This accomplishment places Durban ICC among a select group of 30 AIPC member centres globally who have attained this prestigious international certification. 

The AIPC Quality Standards program underscores a convention centre’s commitment to excellence in key performance areas,” stated AIPC President Greg O’Dell. “Durban ICC’s attainment of the gold level in their audit reflects their dedication to upholding international standards of management procedures. 

The rigorous program evaluates ten crucial areas, including Customer Service, Facility Quality, Employee Relations, Health and Safety, Financial Integrity, and Environmental Responsibility. Members find the audit process not only documents procedures but also fosters team cohesion. 

Greg O’Dell emphasized the significance of the program, stating, “It ensures managers deliver quality and reassures clients, aligning with industry priorities.” 

The certification program’s external auditor, Mr. Rick Knowlan of Knowlan Consulting Group Inc., North Vancouver, brings extensive strategic management expertise to the process. 

More information on the AIPC Quality Standards Programme can be found here.

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