Discover the Power of Partnership: Insights on Destination Marketing from Kristian Nichols at AIPC Sales & Marketing Summit

Date: 01/05/2023


Are you curious about how to make a successful partnership between destinations and venues? Do you want to learn from an industry leader who has traveled and conducted business around the world? Then you won’t want to miss Kristian Nichols’ session on Destination Marketing at the 17th Annual Sales & Marketing Summit of the Association of International Convention Centre, to be held on May 21 in Frankfurt.

As the Executive General Manager of Client Engagement at Business Events Sydney, Kristian brings over 15 years of experience in national and international relationship management and bidding to the table. He has a unique perspective on Sydney’s positioning on the global stage, as well as the necessary skills and experience to support and guide his team, which spans Sydney, China, Singapore, India, North America, and Europe.

In his session, Kristian will share his insights on how destinations and venues can work together to create a successful partnership. As he says, “When destination and venues work closely together, 1+1=3.” He’ll discuss what has changed, what has not changed, and what remains uncertain in destination marketing, and provide practical advice on how to make such a partnership truly successful.

The AIPC Sales & Marketing Summit has been a complete sell-out for several years now, and this year will be no exception. It’s a critical forum for international sales and marketing executives, incorporating the perspectives of clients, suppliers, and expert industry observers. It’s a collaborative environment that defines key challenges and solutions.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from Kristian Nichols and other industry leaders at the AIPC Sales & Marketing Summit. Register now to secure your place while there’s still availability!

More information on the AIPC Sales and Marketing Summit here

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