Cyber Security – War & Peace in Cyber Space

Date: 11/05/2022


Over the last two years, many convention centers have implemented digital solutions to meet the changing needs of their customers. At the same time, the facilities themselves are becoming more and more digitalized – examples are signage, access management (keys replaced by access cards), systems in place to use energy as efficiently as possible, etc.

This could make convention centers more vulnerable for cyber-attacks, having a disruptive impact on not only the venue itself but of course also on events taking place. And it is not impossible that the event taking place could be the trigger for the cyber-attack.

The impact of a cyber attack could be diverse: from having to pay a ransom to unlock systems to events having to be cancelled on the spot.

AIPC had an interview with Robert McClure of Paratus, a company specialized in cyber security. He shares his thoughts on current trends, threats and what convention centers can do to protect themselves. You can find the interview on the member section of the AIPC website here.

A webinar on the topic, with Robert McClure as speaker, will take place on June 10th at 10:00 CET.

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A recording will be made available for the AIPC members.


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