Combat COVID-19 Using Effective Floor Planning

Date: 02/11/2020


One day soon, COVID-19 will become a distant memory, but the events industry has changed forever. The distancing measures and restrictions enforced across the globe in response to the pandemic have changed the way people behave in public spaces and, as a result, the expectations they have while attending events and gatherings.

So, what’s the solution?

Venues must refresh their existing procedures and protocols to reflect the “new normal” and ensure their success now and in the future. Working with our global customers, we have found that using an effective floor planning tool is one of the simplest ways that venues and events teams can combat the impacts of COVID-19 in the short term. Here are the top three reasons we believe floor planning is so effective:

Demonstrate Your COVID-Safe practices

Before 2020, social distancing, hand sanitiser stations and guest check-in points for events other than conferences were unheard of, but now they are commonplace – and, in some places, mandatory. Prospective customers need to understand how you have adopted COVID-safe practices, so outlining how you have accommodated necessary distancing and equipment on your floor plans, your clients can rest assured you can ensure a safe event.

Maximise Venue Occupancy

Too often, venues rely on outdated software or systems that aren’t fit for purpose to create floor plans – like Microsoft Paint, Excel or Word. In doing so, venue teams waste valuable time making unrealistic floor plans which don’t represent their actual capacity. By choosing the right technology, venues can draw true-to-scale plans that demonstrate their capacity so they can maximise occupancy and, in turn, revenue.

Virtual Site Inspections

Lockdowns, distancing, and other restrictions have forced venue and event professionals to consider how videoconferencing and other online tools can replace the need for face-to-face meetings. From an event planning perspective, one of the biggest changes has been a significant reduction in site inspections or “reccies” in the lead up to an event. Instead, Event Planners conduct these remotely and rely on accurate information, pictures and, most importantly, floor plans to give them a detailed understanding of the spaces that they will be working in.

To help you combat COVID, we’re gifting all AIPC members our brand-new Floor Planning module to use for free for the next three months. To access this offer, you’ll need to register your interest before Friday, 26th March 2021.

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