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For a number of years now one of the most often mentioned areas that could benefit from a greater degree of rigor and consistency has been that of the customer satisfaction surveys carried out one way or another by most venues. There has never been any particular standard for these, or the kind of approach that would enable comparability amongst centres looking to use their survey results for process improvement.

For this reason, AIPC has been collaborating with global market research company Ipsos on the creation of a highly professional and analytical version of the customer service survey. The result is not just an opportunity to access a highly effective Client Satisfaction Survey instrument for a nominal cost, but to be able at the same time to pool and compare results with colleagues in other centres.

The AIPC / Ipsos Client Satisfaction Survey program will deliver following benefits:

  • It vastly simplifies the process of maintaining an on-going Customer Experience tracking program:

>   Easy entry: members simply upload event information onto Ipsos’ online centralized survey platform
>   Real-time results: as surveys are received, members can log onto Ipsos’ online reporting portal to review results
>   Results are summarized and tracked with informative charts and graphs, and can be filtered by variables of particular interest (i.e. event type, size)
>   It enables benchmarking: once enough data is collected, the online live dashboard will automatically relate the results for your venue to the average across all other participating centres, giving you an immediate and ongoing perspective on how well you are performing relative to others.
>   The dashboard also includes a Hot Alert functionality which will alert you to problem cases that need to be immediately followed up.
>   NEW :  consistent follow-up by providing a monthly automated update on the number of completed surveys, so you can follow-up with your clients promptly. You will also have the ability to personally send survey links to your clients, which allows for quick technical troubleshooting.

  • The survey is conducted by a trusted third party research partner(Ipsos) which increases confidentiality and anonymity, encouraging more candid responses from respondents.
  • The survey is conducted in English, German, French and Spanish according to client’s preferences.
  • Ipsos conforms to industry standards of data privacy laws, as specified by EU Data Protection Regulations, MRIA, CASRO, and ESOMAR, and other local laws and customs.

At the same time, the new system will allow AIPC members to move towards a true Real Time Voice of Customer system – something increasingly recognized as a high standard for service providers - by timing surveys more closely to when the events happen. This allows you to:

  • React faster to problems
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Obtain higher response rates to post-event surveys
  • Gain deep insights into customer behaviour
  • Track organizational KPIs of performance
  • Monitor improvements in your organization’s performance over time

AIPC-Ipsos Client Satisfaction Survey Program Portal demo link


As AIPC has funded the development costs for this program, Ipsos is able to charge a nominal subscription fee of $2,000 USD for the initial two years 2018 and 2019 – far less that any comparable program offered by any research company and likely less than the cost of staff time for maintain and consolidating the results for a program of your own!

The AIPC-Ipsos Client Satisfaction Program is now available and we recommend that you sign up right away to start surveying your clients' experiences until December 2019.

Take a good look at what we believe to be one of the best member benefits ever offered by AIPC – a highly professional and insightful response to a responsibility every centre has to identify, clarify and respond to customer perspectives!

Any questions? Contact AIPC at for more information or request the program registration form.

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