Boost Your Convention Center’s Reputation with AIPC Quality Standards Certification!

Date: 25/04/2023


AIPC Quality Standards program is designed to identify and evaluate key areas of performance of convention centers leading to a visible form of recognition. The program aims to manage and enhance the operational quality of centers and improve their reputation in the industry.

Unlike other certification programs, AIPC Quality Standards program focuses on how quality is managed at a center rather than meeting specific numeric standards. For this reason, AIPC has appointed Mr. Rick Knowlan as the External Auditor who specializes in strategic management consulting.

In order to complete the program, centers need to conduct an internal audit and submit the results to AIPC for analysis by Mr. Knowlan. He will assess the results against the program standards and provide an Auditors Report and recommendation. The External Audit fee is 1.500 Euros, which covers the cost of these services.

Join the 30 AIPC centers who have successfully achieved this international certification and improve your center’s reputation by managing your operational quality. The audit procedure is simple and achievable for any well-organized center.

For further information on the AIPC Quality Standards audit program, please contact

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