Are you concerned about overloads on suspended equipment in your venue?

Date: 13/12/2022


Today’s exhibitions and live concerts are experiencing an ever increasing level of complexity.

Riggers are required to fly heavier and more numerous pieces of equipment commonly over the heads of exhibitors, visitors, spectators and performers.

Due to a phenomena in physics called indeterminate structures, the load distribution of a suspended structure with more than 2 hanging points is effectively unknown and incalculable.

Consequently, there is potential for dangerous overloads even if each suspended device even when self weight is known and the structure that appears visually balanced. This is due to some points carrying greater loads than others.

Due to the incalculable nature of the load distribution on an indeterminate structure, a load monitoring device must be used to measure actual loads, detect overloads and allow the rigger to take quick preventive actions to rebalance the loads and ensure even distribution

A short testimonial of Prague Convention Center – An AIPC member who recently installed Ron StageMaster Load Monitoring System:

“TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION is one of our values. Therefore, we are constantly improving the equipment of our halls. In our 2nd largest meeting room called Forum Hall, we recently installed a monitoring system for the weight of the loads suspended on the ramps above the stage.
This device remotely monitors information about the load on the ceiling structure and sends them to our technical staff.”


Click here to view the presentation.

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