AIPC Welcomes Three Dynamic Partners: BCD Meetings & Events, OnePlan, and 4Mal Media Management

Date: 12/09/2023


AIPC is thrilled to introduce its latest partners, BCD Meetings & Events, OnePlan, and 4Mal Media Management. These partnerships are poised to bring a wealth of expertise and innovation that will significantly benefit AIPC and its members. 

BCD Meetings & Events: With a shared commitment to excellence in the events industry, BCD Meetings & Events brings valuable expertise in developing scalable solutions tailored to optimize meetings programs. Their experience and strategic approach will further enhance AIPC’s mission of fostering excellence and advancing the capabilities of convention centers worldwide.  

BCD Meetings & Events:  

OnePlan: AIPC welcomes OnePlan as a strategic partner, offering game-changing venue planning software trusted by over 25,000 organizers globally. OnePlan’s innovative 2D and 3D digital twin solutions empower conference centers to streamline planning, reduce costs, and minimize carbon emissions. AIPC members can look forward to enhanced efficiency, greater revenue potential, and reduced environmental impact with the aid of OnePlan’s cutting-edge technology. 


4Mal Media Management: AIPC is proud to announce its partnership with 4Mal Media Management, a leader in the media industry with over 18 years of experience. Specializing in offering a 360-degree media solution, 4Mal Media Management is known for publishing Meetings magazine, a bi-monthly periodical dedicated to the MICE industry, and three annual publications. Their online presence through provides industry professionals with weekly newsletters and real-time insights, solidifying their reputation as a trusted source for all things MICE. AIPC members can now access a reliable partner for advertising and marketing needs, with a commitment to innovation and impact. 

4Mal Media Management: 

These partnerships underscore AIPC’s commitment to providing its members with the tools and resources needed to excel in a rapidly evolving industry. Together, we look forward to shaping the future of international conventions and delivering unparalleled value to our members and stakeholders. 

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