AIPC Operational and Financial Benchmarking Program

Date: 09/02/2023


HLT Advisory has undertaken an Operational and Financial Benchmarking project on our behalf, with the objective to provide participants with benchmark centre performance data that can be used for planning and tracking purposes as well as comparisons of key data with similar centres. Results are presented at the AIPC Annual Conference each year and demonstrate the value that the generated data creates. A custom report is also provided to all members so they can assess their benchmark performance data against other comparable centres.

Past benchmarking reports have benefitted from the participation of over 55 centres in 31 countries across 6 continents. As with previous years, the value of the results we provide members is closely tied to the quality and quantity of the participation. A high participation rate in the benchmarking program enables us to improve building comparable groupings, identify emerging industry trends and compare all data against a highly consistent aggregate sample.

The 2023 benchmarking template will once again collect historical data to benchmark recovery, while forecast data will also be collected to provide quantitative measures regarding industry recovery.

All data provided will be used on a completely confidential basis to generate aggregate figures for comparison purposes. For this reason, all completed forms should be sent directly to HLT Advisory by March 17th, 2023.

Please note there will be no cost for members to participate in this study. Those members that choose not to participate in the survey will not be eligible to receive the summary report, nor will they be able to access any of the benchmarking data that is developed as a result. We encourage all members to participate in this survey as every additional participant improves the value of the report for all members.

The 2023 Benchmarking Template is available on request via:

The contact details for HLT Advisory are:

Matthew Klas | Managing Director | | [1] 416 924 6657

HLT is based in Toronto (GMT-5) but has committed to respond to questions within business hours of AIPC members centres to the extent possible.

Now is the time to get involved in this valuable program – and to start benefiting from the resulting data and analysis.

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