AIPC goes local

Date: 12/09/2023


During the 2023 AIPC General Assembly, President Greg O’Dell explained the ambition to increase member engagement on different levels. One of the strategies used will be the organization of local educational activities, leveraging the content delivered at AIPC’s global events. 

AIPC currently has four global events: the Annual Conference, the Sales & Marketing Summit (just before IMEX Europe), the Operations & Facility Summit (just before IBTM) and the AIPC Academy. With the exception of the Annual Conference, they all take place in Europe.  

For some members of the AIPC Community, the distance, time investment and the related cost does not allow them to participate. That is why AIPC decided to organise local summits in 2023: the Africa Summit which took place in February, the LATAM Summit taking place in Costa Rica on October 3rd and the APAC Summit taking place in Kuala Lumpur on November 7th. 

The content of these one-day summits will be a combination of the content presented at the Sales & Marketing Summit and the Operations & Facility Summit. It is important to note that these summits are open to the entire convention centre community, not only AIPC members. 

Next to these summits, we will also have a first-ever local Academy, taking place in Toronto and organized in close collaboration with our strategic partner Convention Centres of Canada. If successful, similar local academies could be organised in other locations.  

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