AIPC Communiqué – Future Shapers – June 2023

Date: 03/07/2023


We are almost coming to the end of the second edition of the Future Shapers, the unique AIPC talent programme. Similar to last year, two amazing teams will be on stage at the Annual Conference to present two concepts which could change the future of convention center management. This highlight is however part of a 8-month journey, which brought 13 upcoming leaders from across the world together to achieve a mission. 

The AIPC talent programme was launched as a response to the challenge the AIPC Community (and the event industry at large) are facing when it comes to attracting and fostering talent. The ambition of the programme is to connect upcoming talents, give them access to global thought leaders via a set of lectures and give them the opportunity to shape the future of convention centre management by coming up with a business concept which will impact the way convention centres are managed – either from an operational, commercial, social or other way. 

As a reminder, at the end of the first edition, two amazing ideas were presented at the Conference in Budapest: a yield-optimization tool, using AI and deep-learning and a platform to make communication between organizers and venues substantially more efficient and secure. Both ideas are being transformed into products. 

At this moment, we can’t yet disclose the two ideas which will be presented at the Conference in Luxembourg, but we can assure you they are both highly innovative and … very different from the concepts presented last year. 

Participants to the Annual Conference will receive the white papers describing the concepts prior to the Conference. On site, there will be the presentation of the concept by the teams on Monday morning, followed by a voting by the audience. The winner will be announced at the end of the Conference on Tuesday. 

The third edition of the Future Shapers programme will be launched in September. If you want to know how the participants experienced the journey, please have a look at these videos: 

View Arisha Sukaloo’s video here.
View Dana Fish’s video here.


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