AIPC Benchmarking – digital information sessions

Date: 12/09/2023


Every year, AIPC – in partnership with HLT Advisory – conduct a benchmarking analysis. In 2023 this benchmarking project assembled data from 41 centres in 20 countries across six continents. The results were presented by Matt Klass from HLT Advisory during the Annual Conference in Luxembourg. An aggregate report was made available to all members, which can be found here. 

The participating venues have received a “Custom Report”, showing the participating venue’s data compared with other venues in the same grouping. This report is split into six sections:  

  • Space Parameters 
  • Operating Cost Comparison 
  • Centre Profitability 
  • Event Profile 
  • Revenue and Building Utilization 
  • Labour Metrics 

Below you will find a sample of how (a part of) the report looks like. 

For 2024, we would like to increase participation to 70. The reason is very simple: the more participants, the richer the analysis becomes.  

In order to create more awareness of the value of the report for participating venues, two digital roundtables will be organized in which Matt Klass will explain the methodology and show examples of the type of reporting venues can expect. 

Please note that participation to the benchmarking analysis is free of charge for AIPC members. 

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