AIPC Annual Conference Spotlight: The Agility Experience with James Bishop

Date: 17/04/2023


What does agility really mean and how can it make a difference in convention center management? You will find out in this highly interactive session.

The AIPC annual conference in Luxembourg is set to host an exciting session by James Bishop titled The Agility Experience. In this interactive session, Bishop aims to redefine agility and showcase its importance in convention center management.

Bishop, a dynamic facilitator, learning experience designer, and team coach, has over 25 years of experience managing and leading projects across the globe.

Bishop’s session is set to challenge the conventional way of thinking and problem-solving by questioning what it means to be agile and think outside the box. He believes that before we can think outside the box, we need to define the box and its constraints. Applying his extensive experience in game-based learning, Bishop aims to help organizations reframe their approach to problem-solving by promoting agility and thinking beyond established norms.

The session promises to be highly interactive and engaging, with attendees expected to come ready to play, learn, and have fun. Bishop’s expertise in facilitating learning experiences will undoubtedly make the session enlightening and impactful, leaving attendees with practical insights on how to promote agility in their respective convention center management roles.

Overall, James Bishop’s session on The Agility Experience is a must-attend for anyone looking to redefine their approach to problem-solving and embrace agility in convention center management.

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