AIPC 2024 Innovation Award is Your Chance to Shine!

Date: 22/12/2023


The AIPC Innovation Award has quickly established itself as a valuable forum for centre creativity and an opportunity for you to showcase what your centre is doing to advance not just your own prospects but enhance the industry as a whole! That’s why the 2024 edition of this Award – which will be celebrated at our Annual Conference in Costa Rica – has become such an important feature of our program. 

Past Innovation Award programs have featured a wide range of creative new systems, procedures, market strategies and organizational structures, essentially every aspect of centre management, operations and marketing. From systems to sales and from financial management to sustainability, the Innovation entries have stimulated discussion, opened up new possibilities and won creative centres accolades for their originators.  

Best of all, this is an Award where everyone can compete on an equal basis – it’s all about ideas and creativity, and centre size or investment are generally very secondary. This means that the Innovation Award is open to every member and all have an equal chance to demonstrate their capabilities and creativity. 

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