Adding capacity and value to a venue using temporary structures

Date: 13/03/2023


Do you need extra floor space to host that mega-event? Or do you want to provide clients or users with additional premium features, such as fully branded, acoustically optimized space? Losberger De Boer has the solution for you, in the form of high-end, bespoke temporary event structures that offer you endless options to increase capacity or enhance your guest experience.  

Expanding your venue 

Our temporary buildings can be used to expand a venue when extra space is needed to house an event that would otherwise have to relocate to a larger facility. We have extensive experience with expanding venues and increasing their capacity. To allow the Amsterdam RAI to host the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) for instance, we built 11.000 m2 of additional space, with a seamless transition to the existing facility. Recently, we expanded the Scottish Event Campus with 37.500 m2 of temporary buildings for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference. Both extremely challenging installations, within very tight deadlines.  

By expanding your venue, you can increase your profitability and host larger events without permanently sacrificing outdoor space. Other options including housing check-in and catering facilities outside of the main building, freeing up space in the venue itself, and creating a dedicated brand house for a premium partner in front of the venue.  

Temporary structures can also allow a venue to remain fully operational in times of renovation, rebuilding or refurbishment. Our buildings can be used for years (decades even), and remain scalable and relocatable, offering endless flexibility.  

Optimizing your indoor space 

Temporary structures can also help hosts get the most out of their existing space. We have several concepts that allow you to optimize the use of space, offer more high-end services to clients and partners, or to boost the guest experience. 

Hall in Hall 

With our innovative Hall in Hall concept, we can quickly build modular structures to create additional space within the venue itself. This gives the look and feel of a permanent building and can be used for restaurants and catering, conference rooms, hospitality, exhibition space, and branding. 


Our Thermal Acoustic System creates studio level internal acoustics as well as enhanced insulation, and prevents sound bleeding from bleeding from one area to another. This is ideal for conferences, lectures, panel discussion and presentations.  

Added floors and terraces 

Our mezzanine system allows us to lift functions to a second level, adding floor space for different purposes such as restaurants and meeting areas. This allows for more sellable m2 within the same space. We can also create covered indoor and outdoor terrace space.  

Being one of the leading global suppliers of modular solutions for conferences, trade fairs and congresses, we can help you to create an event setting that will allow your clients to distinguish themselves from competitors, and that will offer you the certainty that you can always meet and exceed your clients’ expectations. 


For the COP26, we almost doubled the size of the Scottish Event Campus, which is already 22.000 m²






Our structures are often used inside large venues such as Fira de Barcelona, the NEC or London ExCeL centre. Our structures are flexible, meaning you can have anything from a 5×5 to a 50×50 building

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