2024 AIPC Annual Conference – confirmed speakers

Date: 18/03/2024


We have some great speakers lined up for the 2024 AIPC Annual Conference, taking place in beautiful Costa Rica from June 30th till July 3rd.  Here are 3 of them: 

Andrea Bonilla was born and raised in Costa Rica. She grew up between San Jose (the capital – urban lifestyle) and Guanacaste (the North Pacific – rural – cowboy lifestyle). Her love for people and passion for service has been engrained in her since she was little, and having the opportunity to combine her urban lifestyle with the rural – cowboy experiences made her love for animals and nature develop. After a succesful hospitality career in North America, she decided to come back to Costa Rica to work for one of the pioneer ecolodges in the Osa Peninsula, and from there, she co-founded Cayuga Collection.  These past 20 years, she has dedicated her career to cultivate a company culture with employees that are local and passionate for service, and training community people to become sustainability campions.  She has had the chance to help design, build, develop and create over 20 hospitality projects, all focused in sustainable, luxury hospitality. Her company runs 7 properties, 5 in Costa Rica, 1 in Panama and 1 in Nicaragua and is looking to expand in these countries in the next couple of years.  Andrea’s favorite part, however, is being the organizational culture strategists and “teacher”, working alongside with managers and leaders of the tourism industry to co-create a better way of operating and balanced lifestyle for everyone. 

Ghela Boskovich. Self proclaimed Fintech Fanatic, and frequent keynote speaker and editorial contributor, Ghela focuses on how to fast-track internal innovation, specifically on the practical application and comercialisation of fintech/bank collaboration. She is preoccupied with fostering an ethical data democracy, individual consumer empowerment over their data, data economy disruptive business models, and facilitating banks’ emerging technology consumption. Ghela is an experienced solution design strategist, focused on proposition redesign for financial services and insurance. She has a successful track record in business development, revenue growth, and go-to-market strategy execution, underpinned by a sharp eye for new value propositions and a knack for translating those values into commercial reality for an executive level audience. Ghela takes product, service, journey, and business model redesign from initial concept to go-to-market delivery. She was named one of Brummel Magazine’s 2016 30 Inspirational Women Innovators, and included in Innovate Finance’s Women in Fintech Powerlist 2016. She also sits on the Banking Technology Awards judging panel, and sponsors the Banking Technology Women In Technology (W.I.T.) Award, and is an advisory board member to several fintech institutions. Ghela is currently Head of Europe for the Financial Data & Technology Association.

Alex Reyes. A car accident, an amputation of the arms and a slow recovery process. These were the consequences that led Alexander Reyes and Rebeca Salazar to found “Alex and Rebe”; in addition to turning them both into international speakers and speakers.After a brief appearance on the Telethon 2020 of Costa Ricapresenting their testimony of life, and subsequent rapprochement ofthousands of people through different communication platforms, they recognize that many of the questions that had been asked about what happened were the same ones that a large part of society had. Faced with this unresolved need, they decide to open afanpage on social networks to expose the evolution of both, but mainly that of Alex in his new condition, demonstrating that the key to life is in wanting to do things hard, while you maintain hope, you advance with faith and celebrating the maximum power of love; however, they never imagined that the project would have other dimensions. It is in 2021, after their television exhibition, that private companies, public institutions and social organizations initiate an organic contact to request talks about their testimony. Two years later, “Alex and Rebe” have trained more than 375,000 people, focusing their public appearances on new ways of doing things, while achieving personal and work balance. 

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