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Date: 22/12/2023


At the 2023 AIPC Operations Summit in Barcelona, Robert McClure of Paratus demonstrated how easy it is to create a very convincing phishing mail which could be used to install malware on the servers of the company attacked (it took about 7 minutes). Following up on this, Paratus & AIPC want to organize a 5-day bootcamp for Heads of IT of the AIPC Community. 

The global economy is rapidly digitalizing: the automation of technological processes is increasing; the amount of data generated by organizations, their partners and customers is increasing exponentially. Information is becoming a key part of the business ecosystem, and its value is constantly growing both for the company itself and for criminals. In such conditions, cybersecurity cannot be overestimated – it is one of the most important elements of protection, whose importance will only grow in the near future. 

Convention convention centres should prepare themselves carefully to deal with this challenge. The question is indeed not “if” but “when” your venue will be attacked. According to the data collected via the AIPC Cyber Task Force – which now contains over 10,000 data points – we know that both the number of attacks and the level of sophistication are increasing. 

That is why AIPC and our business partner Paratus – a global cyber security company – want to organize a 5-day bootcamp on cyber security, during which all aspects – from prevention to detection and response – are covered. The programme includes both lectures, workshops & simulations and is highly interactive. This is the same type of training offered to global corporations and financial institutions, but at a price point which is accessible for the AIPC Community – 2,500 € (not including travel or accommodation). The training will take place in Europe in Q2 2024. 

More information on Paratus can be found on: 

 Call for Action: a minimum of 6 participants is needed in order to organize the Cyber Bootcamp. If your venue would be interested to participate, please contact us via 

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