2024 Operational Excellence Summit – Change of format & call for action

Date: 22/12/2023


After two years of organizing a one-day Operations & Facility Summit, we’re moving back to a two-day format. At the same time, we took the opportunity to re-visit both the format and the content, resulting into “Operational Excellence Summit”, which will take place at the CCIB in Barcelona on November 25 & 26. 

A one-day summit simply proved to be too short to cover all operational aspects faced by the AIPC Community. While the agenda of the last edition was packed and intense, we still felt some topics were not addressed. In addition, it is a challenge for our non-European members to endeavour a long journey for a one-day training. 

That is why the 2024 edition will be two days, followed by a venue tour on day 3. Topics which will be covered are: 

  • Leadership in times of uncertainty 
  • Pricing models 
  • Sustainability in practice 
  • Accessibility best practices 
  • Cyber Security  
  • On-site Security 
  • Food & Beverage strategies 
  • Event design 
  • AV trends 
  • Technology updates 

There will also be an increased focus on sharing of best practices, both via panel debates and workshops as this type of sessions are much appreciated by the participants.  

Call for action: if you would like to contribute to the Operational Excellence Summit by sharing your best practices and lessons learned on any of the topics above, please contact us via secretariat@aipc.org 

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