Ungerboeck Commits to Delivering Future Shaper Ideas – Combining Innovative Ideas with Best-Practice Expertise to Drive the Industry Forward

Date: 01/09/2022


At the AIPC Congress in Budapest this year, two groups of Future Shapers presented ideas for what they believe are industry-changing initiatives. Both were focused on technology, underlining the importance of continuously advancing event management solutions to enhance client experiences and drive the industry into the future.

The Event Shapers Group delivered a whitepaper and presentation focused on an innovative Client Portal that would encourage greater interaction between the venue team and the meeting planner. The group believed that providing event organizers and end clients with a tool to work more collaboratively would streamline the event management process and ensure better event experiences.

Mathew Haynes, Senior Manager, Live Events for ICC Sydney, said, “Our group firmly believes that this kind of collaboration with our clients will allow for time-savings, better communication, and ultimately better events. Especially if we can work with Ungerboeck to assist in the delivery of this technology”.

The Optimum Group showcased their idea of a platform for venues to help them manage commercial responses to RFPs. This platform would help venues to target the right sales opportunities that would yield the most revenue, helping them to grow their businesses.

Genevieve Lim, Business Events Strategist from Marina Bay Sands, said, “Our concept is designed to increase productivity and ROI by using technology to obtain the best sales and revenue optimization. Since so many of our venues use the Ungerboeck platform, partnering with them to bring this to life would be a great way forward.”

The AIPC judging panel then evaluated these two initiatives, each with so much merit that a tie was agreed upon.

Following the event, Ungerboeck immediately recognized the value these new solutions could bring to their customers. So, as part of their ongoing commitment to delivering new functionality to support the needs of their users, it was decided that they would work with Future Shapers to find ways of developing these tools. In combining the fresh ideas of the up-and-coming generation of event professionals with Ungerboeck’s wealth of experience in delivering event management solutions for more than 40 years, the hope is to provide innovative tools that support venue and event professionals now and in the future.

Steve Mackenzie, Executive Vice President for Ungerboeck, commented, “It is incredible to see the work that went into these initiatives from both teams. Both are inspired ideas, and as the provider of the core software solutions for most convention centers worldwide, we are committed to working with Future Shapers to see how we can make these ideas come to life and bring meaningful change to the industry.”

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