Transformations at Mary Brown’s Centre in St. John’s

Date: 30/05/2023


Very often, when we think about transformation within a venue, we think about partition walls, flexible seating systems, etc. At St. John’s, transformations are slightly different. In less than 5 hours, the perfect ice hockey field is transformed into an equally perfect basketball field.

“Conversions for us usually take 15 workers about 4-5 hours. We usually do 2 per week but with playoffs now in full swing we are doing 4-5 per week,” says Ryan Kavanagh, Manager Building Operations. “The key to a successful conversion is have a well-trained crew. It’s not enough to have good workers, they need to work well together and prioritize team work to have success.”

Both basket and ice-hockey are tremendously popular in Canada, but as you can imagine, requirements are slightly different. So how does the team of the Mary Brown’s Centre pull it off? Have a look at this video and see magic happen.

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