Next Deadlines to Keep in Mind: AIPC Innovation Award and Benchmarking Program

Date: 19/03/2024


Dear AIPC Members,

As we stride forward into 2024, two pivotal opportunities await your participation and contribution: the AIPC Innovation Award and our Benchmarking Program. These initiatives not only serve to elevate your center’s profile but also contribute to the collective advancement of our industry.

AIPC Innovation Award 2024: Showcase Your Center’s Creativity!

The AIPC Innovation Award presents a unique opportunity to spotlight your center’s ingenuity and forward-thinking initiatives. With the deadline swiftly approaching on April 7, 2024, seize the chance to demonstrate your center’s commitment to innovation and industry excellence.

Innovation Award – AIPC

Reminder: AIPC Operational and Financial Benchmarking Program

Our Benchmarking Program, essential for tracking industry trends and performance, is currently underway. The deadline for submission is March 27,  2024. By participating, you not only gain valuable insights into your center’s operations but also contribute to the industry’s collective understanding and progress.

Contact for Benchmarking Template: Matthew Klas | | [1] 416 924 6657

Remember, there is no cost for members to participate, and the data provided will be treated with complete confidentiality, used only for generating aggregate figures for comparison purposes.

Act now to ensure your center is positioned for success and recognition. Your active involvement is instrumental in shaping the future landscape of our industry.

Best regards,

Sven Bossu

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