AIPC 63rd General Assembly

14:00-16:00 CEST, 25 June 2021
rue du Luxembourg, 22-24 – 1000 Brussels  

The official meeting location is: AIPC Secretariat, Rue du Luxembourg 22-24, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Due to the current international health situation and in line with Belgian law, we encourage you to attend this meeting virtually via this Zoom link. Phone dial-in details are also being made available to you via email and upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.   

IMPORTANT – Each member center must nominate one person who will be entitled to vote at the GA. This person will receive a unique code to be able to access the voting system. This will ensure compliance to the Belgian regulations for online voting. It is therefore imperative that each member center fills in the online form by 20 June 2021 to nominate its official representative for this meeting. It is also possible to give a proxy to another member center. 

Please check here if your center has already nominated its official representative.


  1. Quorum:  Presence / Proxies 
  2. Approval of the Agenda 
  3. Approval of the 62nd  General Assembly Minutes
  4. President’s Management Report, July 2020 – June 2021 
  5. Financial Report 2020 and Report of the Auditors 
    1. Balance Sheet
    2. P&L
  6. Auditor Elections  
  7. Board Elections  
  8. AIPC Strategic Business Plan 2021-2022   
  9. Program Budget and Membership Fee 2022
  10. Annual Conference and General Assembly 2022 and 2023: Review and Acceptance of Invitation  
  11. Presentation of New Members 
  12. Other Agenda Items and Response to Questions Submitted by Members 

2021 AIPC Board Election 

The AIPC board is currently as follows: 

President – Aloysius Arlando 
Vice-President – Greg O’Dell 
Treasurer – Jan van den Bosch 
   Julianne Jammers
   Juliana Lopez
   Peter King 

Aloysius Arlando served 2 terms as President and cannot be re-elected
Jan van den Bosch served 2 terms as Treasurer and cannot be re-elected
Open positions are: 

  • President  
  • Vice-President  
  • Treasurer  
  • 4 Directors  

Greg O’Dell, Walter E. Washington Convention Center, current Vice-President, seeks election as President
Peter King, Melbourne Convention Center, current Director, seeks election as Vice-President
Julianne Jammers, Swisstech Convention Center, current Director seeks election as Treasurer
Juliana Lopez, Cartagena de Indias Convention Center, current Director, seeks re-election as Director
T. TaubieMotlhabane, Cape Town International Convention Centre, seeks election as Director
Christian Folden Lund, Bella Center Copenhagen, seeks election as Director
Gabor Ganczer, HUNGEXPO, seeks election as Director
Panittha Buri, BITEC & Bhiraj Convention Centre, seeks election as Director 

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