Economic Impact Calculator

The AIPC / Ipsos Economic Impact Calculator addresses the fundamental requirement for most centres to measure and report their overall EI to owners, investors and, communities in a consistent, efficient and cost-effective way. Its benefits include:

a centre-specific orientation that captures all relevant spending

consistent definitions that ensure comparability, repeatability and credibility

the global credibility of a respected international research leader

a minimal cost due to AIPC investment

The AIPC/Ipsos program is supported by an extensive guidebook - available free of charge to all AIPC members - that covers everything from data gathering within recognized statistical parameters to sample sizes, sources of input and categories of business to be sampled.

The actual data gathering according to the prescribed template and using forms provided by Ipsos, will be the responsibility of the centre itself, which it can do either by using its own staff or contracting it out to Ipsos who will then organize member input data, run the model and prepare an analysis to assure the credibility of the result.

The Program Package Outline and updated AIPC Standardized Economic Impact Program Guidebook* are now available (*available upon request The Guidebook and other Basic Program Components are available free of charge for AIPC Members, and the Basic Program Support cost is charged by Ipsos at 7.000 USD.

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