Eilon Engineering

Eilon Engineering

Our Ron StageMaster load monitoring system is used in convention centers worldwide and provides many advantages and added value:

  • Provides an increased level of safety (protects lives, equipment and the infrastructure)
  • Increases revenues (more than $1M per year with quick ROI)
  • Enables the safe hosting of larger and heavier shows, including live concerts.
  • Reduces insurance premiums
  • Increases efficiency (shortens the time between one show and the other).

Our Ron StageMaster load monitoring system is used for weighing lifted and suspended loads: Light, sound and video equipment.
Even if the weight of each piece of equipment is known, overload might occur due to uneven load distribution, in extreme cases this may cause a collapse.
Bearing in mind the presence of exhibitors and visitors, or performers and audience under tons of suspended loads, continuous load distribution is a must.
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About us:
For the last 46 years Eilon Engineering has been a world leader in the field of load monitoring.
Among our customers are Las Vegas Convention Center, Nuremberg Convention Center, Malaysia International Exhibition Centre, NASA, Boeing, Disney, Cirque du Soleil and many others.

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