AIPC Annual Conference 2021

This year’s AIPC Annual Conference with have the theme “ELEVATION”, reflecting the ambition of the AIPC Community to re-open for business and to bring organized events to the next level.

There will in fact be two conferences: a fully digital one - on Friday July 9th and Monday July 12th - followed by a two-day on-site conference in Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne (July 13th and 14th).


The digital conference will start at 10:00 AM Singapore time and runs until 17:00 PM Washington time, offering our members across the globe a full programme, wherever you are. Both the digital and the on-site conference will be “working conferences”, combining short lectures on venue specific topics, followed by hands-on workshops, turning theory into practice.

This will be combined with a limited number of inspirational keynote speakers, bringing valuable insights, relevant for the AIPC Community. And most importantly: we will connect participants – via the workshop and other (fun) activities. More than ever, it is important that we create networks, share knowledge and learn from each other.

We also realize that one of the key challenges for making our industry thrive again will be around talent: finding the right persons with the right skills to help us navigate into the next normal. That is why every venue participating to the event, will be entitled to a complimentary pass for a “high potential” – a talent within your team, who you think will make it to the very senior management level. This group of talents will be actively involved in the preparation of the Annual Conference, allowing to create a Future Leadership Network. And they will of course have the opportunity to show their talents during the Conference itself.

For highlights of previous conferences, please review the programs below:

The 2020 Annual Conference, Paris, France, September 24-25
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The 2019 Annual Conference and 61th General Assembly was held in Antwerp, Belgium, June 23-26
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The 2018 Annual Conference and 60th General Assembly was held in London, UK, July 1-4
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The 2017 Annual Conference and 59th General Assembly was held in Sydney, Australia, July 2-5
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The 2016 Annual Conference and 58th General Assembly was held in Nantes, France, July 3-6
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