AIPC Communiqué – Sustainability Debate

Date: 03/07/2023


Sustainability is very high on the agenda of almost any industry, including the event industry.  At the same time, discussion around sustainability tend to be focused on one element of sustainability – environmental – and less on the social and economic aspects. That is why a big issue debate on this topic is planned at the AIPC Annual Conference. 

As shown on the image below, sustainability consists of a three pillars: social, economic and environmental. Very often, discussions are focused on the environmental elements. However, all three elements are closely linked. The floods in Pakistan last year for example were obviously linked to climate change but had a direct impact on young girls no longer being able to go to school, resulting in both social and economic consequences. 

Convention centers are key drivers of sustainability. They host conferences which will have an impact on medical science, they support their local community by providing employment, they function as energy hub for the district they are located in, etc. So why limit discussions to only one aspect? 

Three convention center leaders, from three different continents and very different venues, will discuss the role convention centers can and should play when it comes to sustainability. On stage we will have Nina Kressler (CEO Shaw Convention Centre), Marta Gomes (Deputy Executive Director at Viparis and President of ICCA) and Melissa Sweetland (Chief Commercial Officer, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre). 

A summary of the discussion will be published after the Conference.

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