AIPC Annual Conference 2023: Let’s Innovate Together in Luxembourg!

Date: 30/05/2023


Get ready for an unforgettable experience at the AIPC Annual Conference in Luxembourg, where innovation takes center stage!

With the theme “Let’s innovate together,” this year’s event promises to be the most exciting and informative yet.

We have an impressive lineup of keynote speakers who will inspire and educate you. Renowned futurist and technology trends expert, Andrew Grill, will challenge your thinking and deliver valuable insights. His ability to captivate audiences is truly remarkable.

We are honored to have Dame Sue Black, one of Europe’s top 50 women in tech, join us as a keynote speaker. From her humble beginnings as a single parent in Brixton, Dame Sue Black has overcome adversity and become a champion for women in computing. Her closing keynote session will leave you inspired and ready to embrace innovation.

But that’s not all! Our panel of industry experts will they delve into “The Future of Venue Design.” Award-winning architect Nico Steinmetz will share his visionary work in urban planning. Adam Paulitsch, Populous’ Convention Centre Design Director, will redefine how venues transform into state-of-the-art destinations. And Erik Waldman, Vice President of Venue Services for TVS Design, will reveal revenue-generating and guest experience opportunities you might have overlooked.

Don’t miss the highly interactive session by James Bishop, titled “The Agility Experience.” Explore the true meaning of agility and its importance in convention center management. Bishop’s expertise in game-based learning will challenge your problem-solving approach and encourage you to think outside the box.

Industry Veteran Sabine Deconinck will discuss “The Future of Food” and how to implement sustainable and eco-friendly catering practices. Learn practical solutions to make events and conventions more sustainable, starting with the food served.

Craig Unsworth, a Chief Product Officer with a wealth of experience, will guide you through “Using the CPO Toolkit to Create Growth.” Discover new levers and tools for innovation, growth, and transformation in your organization.

In addition to these essions, the AIPC Annual Conference will also explore the future of the event industry, addressing innovation, sustainability, member insights, benchmarking results, and more.

Book your accommodation now to secure exclusive rates at select hotels near the conference venue. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to network, learn, and be part of the future of the event industry.

Register today and be a part of the AIPC Annual Conference in Luxembourg, where innovation thrives and possibilities abound. Let’s innovate together and shape the future of our industry!

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