2024 AIPC Research | Annual Member Survey Convention Centres

Date: 19/03/2024


With what is now a 15-year tracking record, the AIPC provides a consistent and analytical source of industry information on both global and regional industry trends and performance. At the same time, it has examined current industry-specific issues in order to more clearly define concerns and expectations. For both these reasons it has continued to be an excellent investment of member’s time and attention.

The full results of the survey will be presented at the AIPC Annual Conference in Costa Rica where members will be able to have an opportunity for detailed discussions with survey author Michael Hughes on particular findings of interest to them and will drive a new and highly interactive session designed to look at collective response strategies.

As always, there are no unnecessary duplicate questions, simply an effort to track year-over-year trends. Please be assured that all individual responses will be kept confidential, with data only used in aggregate to develop the overall conclusions.

We need your response by May 1st in order for us to be able to compile results and complete a full analysis prior to the Annual Conference.

Thank you in advance for your participation – this will be a landmark year for what is already an invaluable tool for your management decisions

To complete the AIPC Member Survey online, click here.

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